Concrete Leveling Photo Album: Before and After: PolyLevel Repairs and Protects Problematic Concrete in Ormond Beach, FL

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A woman in Ormond Beach, FL, is a condominium owner, as well as the president of her condo association. When she noticed several patios in the community had cracking, uneven concrete, she wanted was motivated to address these issues.

Concrete can crack and settle for various reasons, but these problems are primarily due to sinking soil. When soil sinks or erodes, or gives way to the weight of the concrete, this leaves voids and lack of a support system for the concrete. The concrete slabs will then settle, resulting in unsafe and unsightly cracks and gaps.

The condo association president saw ads for Florida Foundation Authority on TV, and she was eager to contact us for further guidance. Inspector Cole Brock visited the condo complex to complete a thorough evaluation of the problematic concrete. Cole then recommended a state-of-the-art solution to repair and protect the patios.

Foreman Mike McDonald and his crew accomplished this by using PolyLevel. Once very small holes were drilled into the concrete and injection ports were placed in these holes, special equipment was used to inject high-density polyurethane foam underneath the slabs. This material then expands to fill any voids, and this allows for the precise lifting and leveling of the slabs. PolyLevel is lightweight, durable, and it will not wash out from underneath the concrete. Its quick cure time also allows for normal traffic to resume just 15 minutes after installation.

NexusPro joint sealant also was applied to the cracks and joints to protect the newly repaired concrete.

The condo association president, as well other residents, are pleased this unique and trustworthy project was completed to ensure the safety of the community.

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