Concrete Leveling Photo Album: Using PolyLevel to Create a Safer Outdoor Space in Lake Mary, FL

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A homeowner in Lake Mary, FL, has a beautiful pool and outdoor living space. But he recently noticed some problems with this area. Several spots around the tile pool deck and patio were cracking, settling and uneven. These problems are not aesthetically pleasing, and they also are quite dangerous around the pool.

The owner wanted to find the best solution that would fix the problem without having to completely tear out the entire area. He found information online about Florida Foundation Authority, and he wanted to learn more about how we could help him. After contacting us for a consultation, he met with Inspector Joseph Grimsley. Joseph completed a thorough evaluation of this outdoor area, and he then presented the owner with the perfect repair solution.

Foreman Joshua Ortiz and his crew then used PolyLevel to lift, level and stabilize the pool deck and patio area. This high-density material is injected under the settling areas to fill any voids and lift them back to level. All cracks and joints were sealed and repaired with mortar due to the tile in the area.

The homeowner was impressed by this state-of-the-art repair solution and its ability to help him create a safer living environment.

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