Concrete Leveling Photo Album: Leveling a Concrete Walkway and Replacing Downspouts in Oviedo, FL

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Homeowners in Oviedo, FL, called Florida Foundation Authority with concerns about their sinking and uneven concrete slabs. They also were worried about water pooling around their home. The homeowners were promptly scheduled to meet with one of our inspectors.

Our inspector thoroughly examined what was happening with the concrete, and he determined that there were voids under the concrete that were causing the slabs to sink. He explained that the PolyLevel system could be used to repair this issue. He also noted that the water issue could be repaired by replacing and redirecting the downspout lines to the street.

The PolyLevel system involves pumping a specialized foam under the concrete through small holes. The foam expands like mousse under the slab and fills the voids underneath. The foam hardens within minutes and is safe to walk or drive on.

A crew made up of Doug Secrest and Mike McDonald went out and installed the new downspouts and PolyLevel. In this particular case, it was able to lift the concrete about two inches! And we have seen instances where it lifted it much more.

The homeowners are happy with the results. They no longer have to worry about the tripping hazard or unsightliness of their sunken concrete or wetness around their home.

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