Photo Album: Rerouting Downspout Lines in Sanford, FL

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Especially during hurricane season, exterior drainage is important to keep water from puddling in a yard. A homeowner in Sanford, FL, was experiencing water piling up in his yard after rains and it was damaging his lawn. It was also unsightly. Because of this, he called Florida Foundation Authority to have us provide an expert repair.

One of our inspectors visited the home and completed a thorough inspection of the issues at hand. He determined that the drainage issue could be mended by rerouting the downspout lines to the street instead of onto the lawn.

One of our crews then performed this repair. This involved directing the downspout conductor lines to drain at the streetside curb in front of the house. In order to do this, the crew dug under the concrete and put the lines under it and into the street. They backfilled the soil to make it look like we were never there!

Additionally, we also used our PolyLevel system to level a section of the concrete sidewalk to prevent water pooling in one area.

The homeowner is very happy with the work we completed, and no longer needs to worry about water pooling in his yard.

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