What Are Push Piers?

Friday, April 27th, 2018 by Abby Hanson

Push Piers are foundation stabilization products that can be used to correct foundation settlement. Foundation settlement occurs when the soil under a structure can no longer uphold its weight. Some signs of foundation settlement are sticking doors and windows, and cracked walls. Sticking windows are a sign of foundation settlement.

What Are Push Piers?

The Push Pier system is composed of steel piers which are hydraulically “pushed” into the soil through heavy-duty brackets. This system can be installed once we remove the soil around a home. This will expose the foundation footing and give us the vantage point needed to install the Push Piers. 

Our Push Piers, designed by Supportworks experts, are corrosion-resistant and include a 25-year warranty. Each pier also comes with a patent-pending external sleeve which is designed to protect the pier from kinking, buckling, or rotating out of place. The sleeve also adds strength to the Push Pier system. 

This is a push pier inside of its bracket.How Are Push Piers Installed?

The Push Piers are then driven deep into the soil until they reach a stronger layer of soil or bedrock that can more appropriately support the building’s weight. In Florida, these strong layers may be made of limestone or coquina, which is composed of crushed and compacted seashells.

Once the structure is surrounded and supported by Push Piers inside brackets, your foundation contractors will use more hydraulic pressure to attempt to lift the home back to its original position. This will often repair cracks in the walls, and mend issues with sticking doors and windows.

When our specialists are satisfied with the results, they will backfill the soil they have removed from around the home. This will cover up the piers and brackets, so they are no longer visible. This is a great feature for those worried about the aesthetics of their home or property.

Are Push Piers Right for Your Foundation Repair Needs?

Push Piers are the best solution for home and business owners looking to lift a building back to its original position. This fast and effective solution also requires minimal disturbance during installation, and it restores property value.

If you are looking to repair settling stoops or decks, Helical Piers may be a better solution for these lighter-weight structures.

If you think Push Piers or Helical Piers are right for your home needs, contact Florida Foundation Authority today! We would be happy to schedule a free inspection and quote with one of our certified inspectors.

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