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Driveway Leveling and Repair in Ormond Beach, FL

Cracked and sinking concrete can be unsightly and take away from the beauty of a home and its landscaping. Sinking also can allow water to pool in the driveway and present tripping hazards.

A homeowner in Ormond Beach, FL, contacted Florida Foundation Authority because he has these concerns about his driveway.

We were able to repair the concrete and mitigate the water pooling but using PolyLevel and French drains. PolyLevel is a specialized foam that our expert crews are able to use to permanently pump up a sunken concrete slab. They also sealed the cracks with a product called NexusPro. The French drains will collect any water and deposit it in the street instead of on the driveway.


Repairing and Leveling a Sunken and Cracked Concrete Patio in Deland, FL

A homeowner in Deland, FL, had a concrete patio slab he was concerned about. It was settling and cracking due to an insufficient footing and soil erosion. The concrete slab alsow was on a small slope that was gradually wearing away.

One of our inspectors, Jesse Nash, visited the home to take a look at the patio and determine how Florida Foundation Authority could help.

He explained that we could use the PolyLevel system to fix and protect the concrete patio. This system involves injecting a specialized foam under the slab to lift it to the desired height. The foam hardens within 15 minutes, has been proven to last indefinitely, and is recyclable and environmentally friendly!

Foreman Mike McDonald and his crew performed the installation. They were able to make the patio even and fill in the cracks to prevent further wash-out under the slab.

The homeowner is very happy with the restored beauty of his patio and removal of tripping hazards.

Creating a Safer Sidewalk in DeBary, FL

After living in her house for several years, a homeowner in DeBary, FL, noticed several areas of cracking, sinking, and uneven concrete around her property. This included the driveway, sidewalk, and pool deck.

It is common for concrete to fail by cracking and sinking. This can happen for a number of reasons, but the most common cause is sinking soil underneath the concrete. This lack of support system results in unsafe and unsightly areas of concrete.

This concerned the homeowner, and she wanted to address the problem once and for all. After seeing Florida Foundation Authority’s TV ads, the owner was eager to contact us to learn more about how we could help her.

She met with Inspector Joe Travis, who completed a thorough evaluation of the property. Joe then presented the owner with a reliable, state of the art repair solution.

Foreman Mike McDonald and his crew used the PolyLevel System to lift, level and stabilize the problematic concrete. First, very small holes were drilled into the cracking and sinking slabs, and injection ports are placed in these holes. Special equipment was then used to inject high-density polyurethane underneath the slabs. This material expands to fill the voids, and this allows for the exact lifting and leveling of the slabs. While PolyLevel is lightweight, it is extremely durable. It will not wash out, and its quick cure time allows for normal traffic to resume just 15 minutes after installation.

The homeowner was excited this unique repair solution was used on her property to create a safer living environment.

PolyLevel Repairs a Cracking Patio in Oviedo, FL

Homeowners in Oviedo, FL, called Florida Foundation Authority because there were cracks in their concrete patio, which had grown a bit larger over time. The couple was concerned about tripping hazards, so they wanted to have it addressed as soon as possible.

After meeting with one of our inspectors, the owners were eager to have one of our crews install a state-of-the-art repair method. Foreman Mike McDonald and his crew used PolyLevel, which is an expanding polyurethane foam, to lift and level the sinking concrete and fill the voids underneath the slabs.

The concrete is now stable and the homeowners do not need to worry about the concrete sinking or shifting.

Repairing a Cracked and Sinking Concrete Porch in Longwood, FL

The front porch is one of the first things someone notices about a house. If the porch is cracked, sinking, and pulling the supports away from the home, this can be unsightly and hazardous.

A homeowner in Longwood, FL, called Florida Foundation Authority because this was all happening with her porch. We were able to use PolyLevel to lift and level the concrete porch. This also raised the porch and supports to close the gaps between the posts and the roof of the porch. We also sealed the cracks in the concrete with NexusPro joint sealant. This will prevent water wash out underneath the slab and improve the aesthetics, which gives the homeowner peace of mind.

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